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seaglass is a short rmxp game about love and gestures of affection, focused on item collection.

The player controls Eliot, a young adult who has never met their closest friend, Loren, in person before. The two have conversed exclusively through messages in bottles tossed back and forth at sea. After seven years, Loren is coming to visit Eliot, and they want to commemorate the occasion with a special and suitable gift.

They decide on a seaglass necklace, and it's up to the player to obtain it!


seaglass is currently Windows only. However, it can be run on other operating systems with the use of another program. I recommend Wine, a free program for running Windows programs on other machines. It's straightforward, and this is a helpful article on it!

On any operating system, seaglass requires the RPG Maker XP Run Time Package to run. It can be downloaded here for free. Download the RPG Maker XP version and install it on your computer, then open the game!

The game is played with arrow keys for navigation, space bar to interact with people and things, and the ESC key to open and close menus.

Have fun!


seaglass.zip 2 MB


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This game was lovely. The ending was very sweet. Loved the small town atmosphere, like the hometowns in console RPGs.

Thank you so much! I was trying to convey that vibe, I'm so glad it came across well. Thanks for playing!

What did you make this in?

Sorry for the delayed reply! I used RPG Maker XP.

Looked like VX Ace to me xD

Ha, yeah, I also have VX Ace and so I used some of the graphics from it! But I much prefer the mapping style of XP, so I prefer to make my games in it.


this game has such a peaceful, small town charm. it has some great summery vibes and was an absolute delight to play! 

Aaa, thank you so much!

Why is the girl named Eliot and the boy Loren?

It should be the other way around.

Wenn du mir keine Antwort gibst kann ich das Spiel auch selbst bearbeiten und die Namen anpassen.

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First of all, sorry for the late response! Both of the characters are intended to be nonbinary - not boys or girls! I tried to pick names that could be associated with any gender. As a result, their names don't necessarily match the way they dress.

 i love this game and i love how calming and beautiful and peaceful it is. it's such a nice time and it the fact that both the protagonists are nonbinary means so much, especially in a town equally populated by non-heternormative and heterosexual couples. the inclusivity isn't even questioned. not to mention the story is so nice and refreshing, you're just having a nice time collecting seaglass for your partner, it's so sweet! it was a wonderful experience to play and i'm so glad i have it now for a day when i'm not feeling too hot and i need a pick me up!

thank you so, so much! this is exactly the sort of feelings i was trying to convey, i'm so glad to know i succeeded and that you enjoyed it! thanks for taking the time to leave this comment, too!